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The complete 'sleep easy' package from bitvoodoo ag. Starting with consulting, ending with support, and everything in between.


Consulting and Concept

Planning a new intranet? Want to set up automated workflows for your projects? Why not let us help you? We'll help formulate your requirements catalogue, define your milestones and set up your internal specifications in workshops ... then we'll help prepare your system for successful software installation. We'll set up a project page for you on our wiki, so that you not only stay up-to-date, but can also actively collaborate.



We'll install Atlassian applications and all the necessary add-ons onto your server, in accordance with your design specifications. Then we'll carry out all the necessary configurations to ensure trouble-free operation. These could include your back-up settings and connection to your Active Directory (AD), or the integration of a single sign-on process. Once set up, you'll be able to start working with your Atlassian applications in a heartbeat.



Make your company stand out. Create a company intranet with its own 'look and feel'. Promote internal teamwork and lower the inhibition threshold. Use Confluence, Jira and their add-ons to make your working day more efficient.

As a joint project, we adjust the system design to your CI/CD specifications, complementing original Confluence performance with a range of helpful functions. We then install the standard version of our bitvoodoo Enterprise Theme, providing you with a range of attractive templates.


Developing Apps

Anything not covered by the Atlassian standard solution, we program ourselves. We offer a wide range of our own app in the Atlassian Marketplace, many of which are available to you as free downloads. All apps can be integrated into the Atlassian environment with a single mouse click and are described in detail in the product documentation.

Looking for an app?

Do you have any specific requirements, which would make Confluence or Jira work more efficiently for you?  Let us program the app you're looking for. Contact us!


Data migration

The installation of Confluence and Jira often goes hand-in-hand with the import/export of data from/to another system. This gives you the opportunity to update data, clean up databases, and transfer only the data that is still relevant.

We help our clients to do this at the start of the project, before setting out the necessary procedures. This allows us to plan the appropriate software modifications and keep manual data maintenance to a minimum.


Licence procurement and installation

Why you should purchase your Atlassian licenses directly from us? Besides 10% project credits we can give you five more good reasons!



Get to know Atlassian products and all their functions and features! We are happy to pass on our knowledge in training sessions, customised to your project. Whether you are new to Atlassian or already au fait with the system, when it comes to training, practical application and relevance is our strongpoint.


Hosting Atlassian Applications

Do you need resources to operate your Atlassian products? We offer you different hosting packages and thus cover all requirements - for small, medium and large companies.

No matter if Jira Core/Software, Jira Service Desk, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo or all other Atlassian products.



Book your support package according to the required response time, or the size and complexity of your system.

Is your system running trouble-free and, more importantly, securely with your Atlassian software? Monitoring server performance and reliability is both demanding and time consuming. Why not let us do the hard work for you? We will check your system on a monthly basis and recommend any measures needed to improve performance, stability and security.

Do you have any Further questions about our products and services?