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Taking Confluence analytics to the next level

“Viewtracker – Analytics for Confluence” is one of our most successful apps, and has been providing valuable information about user activity in Confluence since its release. With the new version 5.4, we have extended the app to become an analysis tool that can now identify all device types used to access Confluence. In addition, the Viewtracker app now offers several options for privacy settings and the assignment of user rights to view global tracking.

How many people have visited a Confluence page? Who is interested in a blog post? How many times has a person accessed it? The previous update of the Viewtracker app already included significant improvements in the evaluation and presentation of user activities in Confluence. The valuable and positive customer feedback on that release and the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union were enough motivation to revise the app and improve it, in terms of evaluation options and data protection.

Three features are the main focus of the new Viewtracker, version 5.4:

  1. Insight into global reporting, even for non-administrators

  2. Mobile tracking

  3. Extended Privacy Mode



1) Global reporting, even for non-administrators 

Detailed reporting on-site access in Confluence was previously reserved for Confluence and Space administrators; only they could see the global tracking. With the new version of the Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence, Confluence administrators can share these rights with other users. Via the controlled allocation of authorization details by the administrators, any number of users can now be granted access to the reporting. Content managers, for example, can view reports on the pages they have created and use defined key figures to assess the performance of individual posts.



2) Mobile tracking 

Viewtracker has provided reliable data on how Confluence is used so far, but only if Confluence was accessed via desktops. As soon as users were traveling and using mobile devices with Confluence, the traffic could no longer be tracked. Until now, that is! With the new mobile-tracking feature, system administrators now have full control over device-specific tracking, which also covers the "Confluence Native App" and "Linchpin Mobile". This is unique, offered only by the Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence App.



3) Extended Privacy Mode 

The Viewtracker app helps companies capitalize on data protection. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has affected everyone: from sole proprietors to SMEs to big corporations. Companies based in Switzerland are also obliged to comply with the GDPR as soon as they process personal data of people who are located in the EU. The Viewtracker app now offers a new privacy setting level in order to make the visibility of personal data more restrictive. As before, all reports for all users can be viewed at the lowest privacy level. At the middle level of privacy settings, only administrators have access to tracking insights, and only they can distribute information to other users. A new third level has been added: the Extended Privacy Mode. In this advanced privacy mode, the Confluence administrator has to decide at the point when installing the Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence app whether the extended privacy mode should be activated or not. Activating the mode means that no user-specific data is stored. No administrator has access to or can restore user data. In this mode, the user tracking is therefore absolutely anonymous.


The new version 5.4 of Viewtracker - Analytics for Confluence is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace. Please share your thoughts with us, we’d be happy to answer your questions or receive any feedback on our latest release.